Finally have a laptop back!

Hi everyone,
I finally received a new laptop in the mail. Toshiba has had my other one for over a month now.
I sent it in for repair and well now I have a newer one and a more expensive one. So far, it works great. It has a Quad Core processor in it. I think I have been playing with this laptop since around 5:30pm. Ya know, the setting up process. My other computer, the hard drive died in it. I had it for 2 1/2 months. That sucks. So I am happy that I have a laptop now. I can take it with me to work and keep up with school.
I have slowed down in my studies since I didn’t have a laptop. I don’t like being stationed in one spot. I like being able to sit in different areas of the house and study. So now I can keep up with college and my crafts. This blog is going to be about my crafts but, I will also be adding other things that I like or find interesting.
To start off, I have a craft site on etsy and on Bonanza. I love etsy but, its been slow and Bonanza is where you can put anything in your shop. It doesn’t matter if it is handmade or out of the ordinary. So off I go. I hope to get my blog going as well. Have a wonderful day and God Bless. Check back often for new items and new and interesting things.

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My first post.

Hi everyone. This is my first post here on wordpress. I will be here adding anything from my crocheted crafts to items from my Bonanza shop. I may even add stuff just because it is interesting to me.  So bare with me as I get this blog started. I never know what to write or say but, I will give it my best shot. If you would like to visit my bonanza shop, follow my link.

Have a great day.

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